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Shlock Around the Rock

Jewish Pilgrims

If the Pilgrims had been Jewish

our country could be better

there would’ve been more levity

and no one damning “debtor!”

Their first Thanksgiving feast

complete with chicken soup

laden down with matzo balls

all floating, in a group.

Comedy clubs and restaurants

might entertain and feed

we would’ve made more money

maybe motivated by greed.

Their waistcoats, shifts and aprons

so drab and dowdy, too

restyled to be sleeker

by master tailor Jews.

Singing silly, Yiddish songs

instead of boring hymns

while building someone’s home

and ducking falling limbs.

The musicians and the jewlers

the painters and the teachers

their Semitic sense of artistry

ignored by Protestant preachers.

Of course, we can’t go back in time

and recreate the past

but if our founders had been Jews

their legacy would last.