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Dump Trump’s Rump

Donald Trump

He’s finally running

but won’t get our votes

he’s an arrogant asshole

in Italian coats.

With his bluster and ego

and that hideous hair

our first reactions

were to laugh, and then stare.

His trophy wife stood by him

with her plasticized poise

but we couldn’t hear over

his arrogant noise.

“I’m really rich!”

he reminded us all

‘cause he owns a few jets

and some big mini malls.

Only his towers

surmount his self-worth

one day, Don might topple

under their massive girth.

He insulted most Mexicans

then stood by his slam

now, he’s dropped by a network

but he don’t give a damn.

He’s threatened to sue them

but the dough doesn’t matter

it’s all about principle

though his image might shatter.

He’s a blowhard, a bully

and a corporate clown

I can’t wait for the day

when “The Donald” falls down.