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Reality TV

They sell stuff in stores

Rick bickers and brags

Chumley is stupid

and his huge beer gut sags.

They build big treehouses

for the whims of the rich

who already own mansions

about which they bitch.

They kvetch and complain

that their mate was caught cheating

but then they do the same

‘cause the feeling was fleeting.

They live in Alaska

some hunt in the cold

I’d miss central heating

and jerky would get old.

They drive in a van

their attempts to buy junk

increases the prices

it’s all bullshit and bunk.

They remove all their clothes

and are Naked and Afraid

with all of that nudity

don’t they ever get laid?

They eat foreign foods

like braised tongue and fresh snails

it makes me quite queasy

when I see baked entrails.

They rescue cute cats

that are stuck in tall trees

and the owners are grateful

they don’t charge any fees.