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Thinking Outta the Box

Get a Swiss Sex Box

Leave it to the lusty Swiss to create carnal quickies on the run. Drive-in sex boxes have been installed in Zurich. Apparently, their public was perturbed about prostitutes. They were sick of seeing them strut their stuff on the streets. Their innovative idea was to build boxes to facilitate coital connections. The drive-in slots will be on a “first-come basis.” Not only will it give copulating couples privacy, it’ll keep the sluts outta the suburbs.

Although prostitution is legal in Switzerland, they’re trying to control the criminal aspects of amorous antics. I think that it’s an modern concept, however, couples need nourishment too. It’s food for fornicating, ’cause erotic encounters burn calories. Maybe McDonald’s could create a unique beverage. I’d love to come up with an appropriate name. I think something along the lines of: “Jack Off in the Box,” “Drive-In Diddling,” or “Dr. Pecker.” The Swiss say “sex sells.” So add a “Big Bang Burger,” with a carton of condomints, and everyone will be satisfied.