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The Insta-Fame Game


(Warning to Ted Williams)

You woke up this morning

no one knew your name

you were lost, lonely loser

and you shivered in shame.

But millions by midnight

the very next day

will see you on YouTube

you’re far from the fray.

You’re flooded and favored

with swift, sudden fame

but now they will use you

a pawn in their game.

You appear on TV

to make up with your mom

the world is watching

will you get a sitcom?

Everyone wants you

Kraft, Oprah, and Phil

it sure is exciting

please don’t pop a pill.

The pressures are mounting

the media lurks

they act like new friends

but they’re really, just jerks.

Your fast, 15 minutes

in the light, starts to fade

unless you keep up

and your money is made.

Can you dance to their drum?

can you speak all their shtick?

unless you say “yes”

they will call you a prick.

At the top of the heap

you have privilege and power

you sleep in a bed

and you shave, and you shower.

You’ve come a long way

from the life of a bum

but you’re under the scope

with a small sip of rum.

Big bosses and sponsors

are invested in you

be careful, be cautious

one slip, and you’re through.

Drive in the fast lane

get used to the speed

monkeys are motivated

by grandeur and greed.

Fortune is fickle

from grace you could fall

so “eat, drink, and be merry”

’cause you could lose it all.

To stay sober and sane

when you’re “under the gun”

requires great strength

it’s 100 to 1.

With toys and temptations

you could go astray

I hope you succeed, Ted

if not, then oy vey.