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The 7 Billionth Baby Ballyhoo


The 7 billionth baby

will be born in a few weeks

what kind of future will they have –

piss poor or son of sheiks?

Will they wind up as a CEO –

or cleaning cans in Cairo?

will they be a lawful citizen –

or a screwed-up, crazy pyro?

Will they make a contribution –

to society at large?

or will they sit and stuff all day –

become a bulky barge?

Will they be a loving woman –

will they be a loving man?

or will they “go postal” someday –

and just not give a damn?

Will they become a saint?

Will they become a sinner?

Will they become a loser?

Will they become a winner?

Who knows what fate awaits this babe –

will they perish or prevail?

they might be bathed in sunlight –

or besieged with brutal hail.